This Week At Creekside 09/08/2021

A L L   C H U R C H 

Join us tonight! 5:45pm - Pizza Dinner. 6:30pm - Worship & Prayer. Childcare provided.

Sunday, Pastor Torrey will start the new sermon series: "Priorities: I Want to be Like Christ". He will preach from Ephesians 2 & Mark 5 ~ "My Most Valuable Possession".

Organizing closets and cupboards, yard work, building, repairing, cleaning, painting! The To-Do list is long and everyone's help is needed! Inside and outside work. Mark it on your calendar. Hope to see you!

Community Groups start back up next week! If you are not currently in a group, we encourage you to sign up for one HERE.

Meeting at the Front Range Ministry Center (310 Wilcox St). Breakfast provided. Sign up HERE.

Join us at the church! Childcare available. Sign up HERE.


  • HERE is the Mealtrain for breakfast for the Worship Team.
  • Our Daily Breads have arrived. Pick one up in the Workroom (#510).
  • Lost something? Please check the blue bin in the Workroom (#510) ASAP!
  • Benevolence funds collected this month will go to Haiti earthquake relief (Samaritan's Purse) and Hurricane Ida relief.