ACTS: The Church is Born


Over the next several months we will be looking into the first chapters of Acts, and seeing God's plan and design for the Early Church. 


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I Am the First, and the Last..."


As Jesus himself speaks these words in Revelation, so we see them to be true throughout scripture. Over Palm Sunday and Easter we will look at the work of Christ through prophecy.



Learn more about the future of Creekside! All that we believe God has in store for us in the season ahead is well laid out in this series, and the corresponding resources. 

Scandal of Grace


Advent 2023! The manger, and everything leading up to it was messy. Dive in to this study that journies through the generations leading up to Christ's arrival.

After His Own Heart


Join us as we walk through the life of David. His highs and lows. His tragidies and triumphs.

Be The Church


A four-week study on the purpose of the church, and how we should operate as the Body of Christ. 

Compassion Sunday 2023


Hear Rob and Gerald (a formerly sponsored child) from Compassion International speak on the impact that Compassion can have on the lives of kids around the world, through felt needs and for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.

What's Next?


In the month of April (2023) we will look at different accounts following Christ's final days among his disciples on Earth. Join us as we take a look at these time altering events in the life of Christ, and the Church.

Postcards: Brief Letters from the Apostles


Over the next several weeks we will look at some of the shorter Epistles in the New Testament. Ultimately gathering the wisdom from each of them that points us toward Jesus.

State of the Church // 75th Celebration Sunday


Take a look at some of what God has done in our past, and what we see Him doing in the future. We are hopelful that you can catch the vision along with us!

The Redeemer: A Series for Advent


During the season of Advent we will look at the theme of "The Redeemer", and Christ's coming once and for all to buy us back from sin.

Ruth: The Best is Yet to Come


A 4-week study of the characters in the story of Ruth. Following the theme of the "kinsmen redeemer" leading us up to the coming of the Messiah over the Advent season.

John: The Word is Vindicated


In the 5th and final part of our series in John, we will follow Jesus closely as he goes to the cross in our place. All of these sermons will be available above.

John: The Word is Confirmed


“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” - John 8:12

Examine with us the person and teachings of Jesus, as we study through the book of John. Our John series has been broken up into 5 parts. For more of these archived sermons you can go to our Youtube page. (@CreeksideBibleCR)